Sunday, March 6, 2011

winter festivus for the rest of us!

today, i made this:
and this: for winter festivus, 2011!
i had to get up at 6am to put in the roast which would explain the popular "i got up early and fell back asleep and that's why i was late for church" excuse.
cristen made chocolate chip cookies with a delightful pairing of a year 2011 2% milk. a great year for milk, indeed.
i can't wait to see what the other girls made for this season's festivus. but now all i can think of is what i want to make for spring festivus! nummzers!

p.s. this one is for you, tara.


  1. looks good! our winter festivus consisted of steak and mashed sweet potatoes.

  2. not very wintery...
    when we got to laura's she had made beef stew and homemade bread. so we decided our different takes on beef and homemade breads were gonna be judged in a throwdown with bobby flay. but it never happened.

  3. your food was delicious and yes the 2011 milk was delightful, the best i've tasted so far, and I should mention I am not a big milk drinker haha