Friday, March 11, 2011

weekend inspiration

most thursdays my wonderful friend yeisy has a craft night at her place. yeisy, my sisters, lisa, and i get together and work on whatever craft we're in the middle of while watching the Vampire Diaries (for yeisy and lisa) and Grey's Anatomy (for yeisy and me) and on occasion, some Bones. we haven't had one lately and my future craft ideas have been piling up! here are a few things i plan to make within the next couple craft nights. or attempt to make...
i realllly want to sew my own curtains and i've found so many nice fabrics lately, i'm getting antsy to get them done!


i hand-sewed some felt stuffed animals last week for a friend's baby shower gift and now want to try crocheting animals for future gifts and eventually my own the future...the very far future. very far. this adorable owl is from etsy FiveSisterz

these t-shirts are from j. crew factory online but who is going to pay $24 for a t-shirt plus s+h!? not me! i'd like to find some deep v-necks from target and then sew on my own flowers. this project is a little iffy if it will turn out looking good...or looking like someone threw up pieces of fabric onto a t-shirt.
and finally i found some really pretty fabrics at joann's from robert allen for dwellstudio that i'd like to sew into pillow covers. the ones below are not sold there, but as you can see, his textiles are delish!


  1. I think the sewing on of the flowers the v-necks is a brilliant idea! Doooooooo it! I eventually will now that I know of that idea (;

  2. I really want to make pillows for our next craft night..i'll have to stop by joanns and get some fabric this up coming week!