Wednesday, March 16, 2011

some changes

due to my lack of creativity and/or lack of writing skills, my blog posts seem to always be about nothing in particular and full of a lot of pictures to fill the empty space. from this realization, i've decided to dedicate this blog to something i actually know about (or rather am passionate about but using the word "passionate" to describe my love for clothes seems vain and trivial). i often am asked on a weekly basis where i get my clothes from or get compliments on my style. through this, i've realized that am i not only addicted to shopping, for clothes and groceries (but no one wants to read about my grocery trips), but i am addicted to finding the best deal out there. multiple times i have bought a shirt on sale, then found out it was discounted even cheaper a week later so i'd return the shirt i bought (if i haven't ripped the tags off yet), and go buy the cheaper one. this may seem like a wasted trip, but i've saved so much money that way!

tip#1: don't take the tag off new clothes until the day you are going to wear it!

i have no idea what the show "deal or no deal" is about but i've decided to have it be the theme for my "new" blog. i'll post some new cute trends, new clothes for the season, something i've been drooling over, etc., and then post the store of where you can find a similar item for a cheaper price. this isn't just about me and what i like (shocking!), i encourage all of you to send me pictures, links, prices, websites, of something you've been eyeing but can't afford, and to challenge me to find something similar to a fraction of the cost.
sound fun? email me!

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