Friday, March 4, 2011

mommy, i'm fustwated

so for the past 6+ months i've been searching for a modest wedding dress that doesn't look like this:
or this:
or this:
this has been quite the challenge. however, i ended up finding this cute little number from french connection and with some added length, it ended up working perfectly, especially being priced under $200 and FC sending me FREE fabric from London to add to the length!
but after my long and tedious search and the purchasing of said dress, i ended up finding a number of beautiful, appropriate dresses everywhere i turned! (or rather clicked, because i actually only tried on dresses once at j. crew)


saja boutique


yes, that's right, that last one is from talbots. seriously? talbots? yes!
(i've found quite the cute collection of skirts and dresses on my online perusal of their site)
anyways, this discovery of more dresses is frustrating, but for the better, as most of them are over $1,000.


  1. well you are just making the search easier for me when i get married

  2. i love that last dress! and the one you ended up with is so cute...I love it!

  3. the modest one or the one from BHLDN?